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Download Molana Tariq Jamil Bayan Masjid Ibrahim 28-06-2012

Maulana Qari Haneef Multani
- known for his spiritual speeches on the gretaness of Allah(swt), very popular Alim and his bayaans are sar to Maulana Tariq Jameel. Towards the end of his life he became blind in both eyes, but continued to give beautiful spiritual talks/biyaans. May Allah (SWT) have mercy on his soul.

Maulana Zia Ul Qasmi -Very popular Punjabi scholar, his speeches enlighten the heart. We have the largest collection of audio of this scholar on the whole web

Maulana Zia Ur Rehman Farooqui One of the best scholars of his century. Famously known for his sea of knowledge, and his love for the the Prophet(SAW) seerah and his beloved companions(RAD) We have the largest collection of audio of this scholar on the whole web

Maulana Ata-Rehman Farooqi -Brother of Late Maulana Zia Ur Rehmaan Farooqi. Talk is about Virtues of Salaah and the position it holds in Al-Islaam. "Must Listen" Biyaan very beneficial.

Maulana Abdul Majeed Nadeem -His talks are based about various topics, he has a very beautiful voice when giving Dawah and also teaches Sahai Bukhari Hadeeth at his own Madressah. That explains why he is called a Sheikh-Ul-Hadeeth

Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Chinoitee - Passed away in the year 2004. However his works to expose the "Qadiyannis" will never be forgotton. His books and speeches/Biyaans still are heard all over the world. Was a close friend of Allama Khalid Mehmood, Late Maulana Zia-Ur-Rehman-Farooqi, Late Maulana Azam Tariq and Maulana Muhammad Azhar and many more top Ulama (Scholars). Nicknamed the "Conqerer-Of-The-Qadiyannis" Maulana Manzoor Ahmad always challenged the top "scholars" of the "Qadiyanni" movement to debates, live in front of audiences. One famous incident is the challege in Hyde Park London but the top Qadiyanni leader of that time never turned up. The Goverment of Saudi Arabia loved Maulana Manzoor Ahmad for his works to such an extent they gave him a "free-all-year-round" ticket to Saudi Arabia.

Raiwand Bayaans - Raiwand is a city in Pakistan where the headquarters of Islahi (Reformation) Jamaah is based. It has its own medical facilities for the Islahi brothers. Brothers who want to change their lifes and learn how to give Dawah are recommended to spend 4 months in a life time. Then you shall be sent to Pakistan Raiwand (at your own financial costs) where you will join with other brothers who will travel around Pakistan Masjids learning how to give Dawah and also reforming their lifes accourding to Qura'n and Sunnah. Recommended for all.

Saeed Anwar - Ex- Pakistan cricket player Internationally known even amongst the non-Muslims as one of the greatest cricketers of the 1990's. He spent 3 days with the Islahi (Reformation) Jamaah and slightly changed his life style according to Qura'n and Sunnah during his cricket life. However things changed dramatically when his young daughter passed away in his arms. Saeed Anwar Saab fully dedicated his life to reforming himself firstly and inspiring others to do the same. He quit cricket to travel the world and give speeches/Biyaans about how he became a practising Muslim. Allah (SWT) made him a means to convert another cricketer Muhammad Yusuf known before as Yusuf Yuhannah to Al-Islaam. MAY Allah (SWT) accept Saeed Anwar even more.

Junaid Shamshaid - Ex-Famous singer and dancer well known in Pakistan. Spent time with the Islahi (Reformation) Jamaah under the supervision of Maulana Tariq Jameel Saab and became a practising Muslim soon after. Left singing and dancing to fully committ his life to travelling the world to inspire fellow Muslims to become practising Muslims.

Inzamam Ul Haq - Internationally known as one of the greatest cricketers of modern-times. Has spent time with the Islahi (Reformation) Jamaah and started to mold his life according to Qura'n and Sunnah. His biyaan is about how his life was before he became a practising Muslim and the urgent need for every Muslim to spend time with Islahi Jamaah and learn what it is all about.

Maulana Tariq Jameel -

Maulana Bilal - Kalifah(Representative)of Late Sheikh-Ul-Hadith Maulana Mufti-Muhammed-Zakiriyya,teacher at Darul-Uloom-Bury. Teaches Bukhari Hadeeth final year at the Darul-Uloom. Also travels around England to give spirtual speeches/biyaans to enlighten and change the Muslim youths hearts and way of life, according to Al-Qura'n and Sunnah.

Mufti Taqi Uthmani - Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani is one of the leading Islamic scholars living today. He is an expert in the fields of Islamic Jurisprudence, Economics, Hadith. Born in Deoband in 1362H[1943 CE], Mufti Taqi Usmani graduated par excellence form Dars e Nizami at Darul Uloom, Karachi, Pakistan. Then he specialized in Islamic Jurisprudence under the guidance of his eminent father, Mufti Muhammad Shafi, the late Grand Mufti of Pakistan. Since then, Mufti Taqi Usmani [db] has been teaching hadith and Fiqh at the Darul-Uloom, Karachi.

Mufti Manzoor Mengal -Mufti Manzoor Mengal Saab teaches at Ifta Department and lecturer on Sunnan Abu Daud in Jamia Farooqia,Karachi . Student of Top Islamic scholars including Sheikh-Ul-Hadeeth Maulana Saleem-Ullah-Khan and Late Mufti Nizmuddin-Shamzai.

Maulana Hakeem Akhtar - World famous scholar. Known for his spiritual speeches and tasawwuf.

Maulana Khalid Soomru - Leader of Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Sindh, known for his nice rhythmical speeches. Some talks/biyaans are fast paced and need to be listened carefully.


Allama Yahya Abassi - Top scholar who regularly travels the world and is popular for his fast pace speeches on the Prophet(SAW) seerah and his beloved companions(RAD) We have the largest collection of audio of this scholar on the whole web

Allama Ali Sher Hyderie - Softly spoken scholar with a wealth of knowledge that he applies to his educatative speeches on various topics. We have the largest collection of audio of this scholar on the whole web


Maulana Abdus Sattar Taunsvi - Punjabi scholar, slow and teaches obedience to Allah (SWT)

Allama Khalid Mehmood - Currently Chief Justice of Pakistan. Has wealth of Knowledge and talks are on diffrent topics. He is now mostly based in Manchester England where he gives Dars-e-Qura'n and also attends yearly Tauheed-Sunnah Confrences and talks about seerah (History) of the Prophet (SAAW).

Mufti Nizam Ud Deen Shamzayi - This Late Mufti had the honour to write the complete syllabus for the world famous madressa Darul Ullom Deoband, India. Has approx eight children who are all Hafiz-e-Quran and Qari's.

Allama Ehsan Saab - Talks about love of Sahabah (RAD) in depth. As an Allama he has wealth of knowledge and applies it well to his talks.

Maulana Isaar Ul Qasmi - Brother of Maulana Zia Ul Qasmi. Fast paced bayaans. Excellent biyaan about the history of the Brewalis (Grave Worshippers).

Maulana Raza Farooqi - Was a scholar of the Shiya Cult, but Allah (SWT) guided him and he converted to Islam, his biyaans are about why he converted to Islam and the truth and secrets about the Shiya Cult.

Mufti-Atique-ur-Rehman - This Late Mufti was the Khalifah of the Late Mufti Nizam-Ud-Deen Shamzayi, his biyaans are beautifully clear and slow and stays on his topic. He once upon a time taught at Jamia-Binoria Karachi Pakistan.

Maulana Azam Tariq - Dedicated his whole life as an Islamic Scholar, in defending the Prophet (SAAW), His Pious Wifes (Mother Of All Believers) and the beloved Sahabah. His biyaans are based on these topics.

Maulana Alim Tariq - Brother of Late Maulana Azam Tariq.

Maulana Abdul Gahfoor Haqqani - Has slow clear biyaans and teaches the importance of following the sunnah of the Sahabah and Prophet (SAAW)

Maulana Makki Al-Hijazi - Khulafay-a-Rashaydeen collection - Maulana Makki is the imam of one of the masjid's in Mecca. He is a very knowlegeable scholar whos talks inspire many. He is also known as Sheikh Makki Al Hijazi.

Maulana Makki Al Hijazi - Aurat Ka Muqaam - special collection

Maulana Makki Al Hijazi - Qasas ul Anbiya (stories of the prophets)

Maulana Makki Al-Hijazi - Minhaaj Ul Muslim

Maulana Makki Al-Hijazi - Seerat-Un-Nabi - It is recommended that the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) should be read at least once a year. This audio Seerah is as comprehensive as can be imagined. The Seerah starts with the description of conditions of pre-islamic Arabia and ends at Abu Bakr being named the first Caliph of Islam. People familiar with Makki Hijazi from his daily dars at the Kabah, will appreciate this lecture, given in the same fluent manner as one has come to expect from the Sheikh. Supplemented with Quran, Hadith & narrations of the sahabah - add to this Makki Hijazi's distinct narrative style. Special CD Collection

Maulana Muhammad Riaz - Imam of Leeds Islamic Centre England, graduted from Darul-Uloom-Bury England.

Maulana Rehman Usmani - Talks are fast paced about the greatness of allah and love of Nabi (SAW).

Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi - Graduated as an Aalim at the tender age of 19. Spent most of life in prison because of speeches exposing the Shia Cult.

Qari Tayyab Qasmi - Based in Hong Kong where he is the President of "Khatam-e-Nabuvwwat Hong Kong" His bayaans/talks are simply a must listen to. Filled with greatness of Allah (SWT) and love of the Prophet (SAAW).

Maulana Tahir Haneef Multani - Son of the late Maulana Qari Haneef Multani. Similar to his father talks. Brings great joy to see that Maulana Qari Haneef Multani made the effort to make his son an Aalim. Unlike Some of the Aalim's of today who crumble in their Imaan and Yakeen and decide to make their sons/daughters lawyers and Mortagage Brokers.

Maulana Makki-Al-Hijazi - Alot of biyaans/talks that need to be listened to. Various topics very informative and educating. Orginally from Pakistan but emigrated to Saudi Arabia. Is the Imam of one of the Masjid's in Saudi Arabia. Close friend of Allama Khalid Mehmood Saab. Also known as Sheikh Makki-Al-Hijazi.

Mufti Yousuf Ludhyanvi - One of the world's best and well known Scholar's of the late 1990's. Has written many books about various topics. Maulana Tariq Jameel Saab is his Khalifah (Representative). However it is very unfortunate that the brothers/sisters and Aalims involved in the Islahi (Reformation) Jamaat do not listen to his talks because of the way he left this world. We pray to Allah (SWT) that Muslims learn about Mufti's death and appreicate his works he has left behind.


Mufti Rafi Usmani - Brother of the Internationally known Mufti Taqi Usmani. Mufti Rafe Usmani talks are like his brothers, slow educative and spirtually beneficial. Both brothers were born in India Deoband.

Maulana Abdul Hameed Watto -From Gujarwala, Pakistan his talks are enjoyable as he says them in a musical way.

Maulana Abdullah Shah Mazhar, Maulana Abu Jundal, Maulana Asmatullah Muavia, Maulana Muhammad Azhar - These 4 Islamic Scholars talk about the "Forgotton-Farz" They go deep into this Farz its truths, its Tafseer all in light of Al-Qur'an and Sunnah of course. Biyaans are educative, inspiring and some can be emotional.

Maulana Ismail Muhammadi - Ex-"Ahle-Hadeeth" "Ghair-Muqallid" "Salafi" Maulana Ismaeel Muhammadi is the close student of Late Maulana Amin Safdar Okarvi, whose efforts let him to convert to the way of Ahle-Sunnah-Wal Jama'ah Hanfi Fiqh.

Maulana Hafeez-Ur-Rehman - Single Biyaan is about how to do the effort of Islahi (Reformation) Jamaah properly to achieve its desired objectives. Maulana talks about the problems within the brothers who do this effort which unfortuntely effects the whole effort. He gives advice how to improve the problems and the best way to do it. It is a 'Must Listen' to Biyaan for all brothers and sisters that are involved in the Islahi (Reformation) Jamaah.

Maulana Abu Muaviyah Amin Safdar Orkarvi - Ex- "Ahle-Hadees" "Ghair-Muqallideen" "Salafi"
The Late Maulana Abu Muawiyah Muhammad Ameen Safdar of Okarvi not only repented from the "Ahle-Hadeeth Jama'ah" rather, his speeches/biyaans, debates and books became a source to convert several hundreds of "Ahle- Hadith" "Ghair-Muqalideen" "Salafi"  to the righteous, Straight path of Ahlus-Sunnah-Wal-Jama'ah, Hanifi Fiqh.

Maulana Abdus Sattar - Principle of Jamia-Farooqi-Karachi. Excellent biyaans that soften the heart and encourage a change in ones life.

Hudood-Laws In Pakistan (Biyaans) - Biyaans by top Islamic Scholars of Pakistan such Maulana Fazal-Ur-Rehman, Mufti Taqi Usmani and Maulana Aurangzeb Farooqi on the topic of the change of Hudood Laws in Pakistan. All Muslim brothers and sisters are encouraged and recommended to listen to all 5 of these biyaans to gain the knowleedge on this topic. Then decide yourself whether the change of laws are with Qura'n and Sunnah or against. Also will they really benefit the women, society, environment of Pakistan or have the opposite effect.

Mufti Manzoor Mengal - special collection - Mufti Manzoor Mengal ex-student of top Islamic Scholars such as late Sheikh-Ibn-Baz and late Mufti Nizam-Ud-Deen. Special collection is about diffrent topics such as "8-Tarawee-or-20", "Taqleed", "Hayat-Un-Nabi", "Divorce-1-Or-3-Times", "Rafayadan-(Raising hands in Salaah)" and other intresting "Must-Listen-To" topics.

Sheikh-Ul-Hadith Maulana Saleem-Ullah-Khan -

Mufti Muneer Ahmad Akhon - Mufti Saab biyaans are very educative and full of inspiring deeni knowledge that changes a persons life forever. For example his Nikkah Biyaan/Speech is a 'Must Listen' Biyaan for every male-female who is thinking or getting ready for marraige. Currently based in America but studied under top Islamic Scholars such as Late Mufti Yusuf Ludyahnvi and Late Mufti Nizaam Ud Deen Shamzayi. He is also the Khalifah (representative) of the Late Mufti Yusuf Ludyahnvi and his son-in-law which many Muslims including Scholars do not know about.

Maulana Izhar-Ul-Haq - Biyaans are fast-paced about the virtues of Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) noble, beloved companions and the Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) amazing Seerah (History)

Maulana Ubaid Ur-Rehman-Zia - Biyaans/Speeches are about the Seerah (History) of the Prophet (SAAW), his noble companions and obedience to Allah (Swt). Maulana Saab sometimes speaks in a musical tone which livens the talks/speeches.

Maulana Ismail Shah Kazmi - Biyaans/Talks are about purifying the heart from sins and lust and talks on importance of respecting parents, noble comapnions and seerah (History) of the Prophet (SAAW).

Allama Shoaib Nadeem - Biyaans are about seerah (history) of the beloved Prophet (SAAW) and his noble companions and the importance in following their ways.

Maulana Abdul Shakoor Deenspoori - Greatness of Allah (SWT) is talked about and teaches obedience to Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (SAAW)

Allama Shabir-Ahmad-Usmani - Biyaans are about seerah (history) of the beloved Prophet (SAAW) and his noble companions and the importance in following their ways.

Qari Haneef Jhallandri - Biyaans are spirtual and teaches obedeince to Allah (SWT) and his messenger Prophet (SAAW)

Maulana Abdul Ghafar-Tonswi - Son of Maulana Abdus Sattar Tonswi whos biyaans/speeches are also in this list. Single biyaan is about the virtues of the noble companions and why we should abstain from abusing them.

Mufti Mehboob Elahi - Wriiten his famous book " A Gift For Muslim Women" which all Muslim and non-Muslim women should read and understand. Talks/Biyaans are very spirtual and are "food for the soul".

Maulana Zulfiqar Ahmad - Was an Engineer but left that occupation to become an Aalim and know known all over the world for his Tasawuff, spirtual talks. He lives in America and his 2 main Khalifs (representatives) are Sheikh Kamalludin and Sheikh Abdus Sattar whos talks are in the English section.

Maulana Khalid SaifUllah - Late Aalim talks about Adultery, Fornication its harms for the physical body and for the general society. Talk includes "Mutta" which is found in the Shiya Cult and Maulana Saab explains whether "Mutta" has any place In Al-Islaam.

Maulana Paaki Bhai - Biyaans/talks are slow educative and are there for the listener to be educated about the different groups out there claiming to be on Haq (Truth) but in realitiy are the Devils Deception.

Maulana Qasmi Bhai - Biyaans/talks are slow educative and are there for the listener to be educated about the different groups out there claiming to be on Haq (Truth) but in realitiy are the Devils Deception.


Maulana Kommander bhai - Maulana Saabs biyaans range from diffrent topics all slow educative and spirtually life changing.

Moulana Abdul Ghaffar Dhahab - Ex-"Gahir-Muqalideen" "Salafi" "Ahle-Hadith" Biyaan is about why he changed to the fiqh of Imam Abu Hanifah (Reh-Al). Also very important topic that todays youth are really confused about..."20-Rakah taravee or 8 Rakah taravee". Biyaan in done in 2006 quite new and crystal clear. " Must Listen" Biyaan so you can pass on knowledge to other gullable youth.

Mufti Muhammad-Ali-Falahi - Argubaly the best urdu speaking scholar in England. His Biyaans are filled with fikr and concern for the Muslim's rectification. He is the England version of Maulana Tariq Jameel Saab. Based in Bury but travels all around the country giving talks/biyaans on how and why we need to rectify ourselves.

Sheikh-Ul-Hadeeth Maulana Saleem Dorat - Based in Leicester England. Talks are very educative and stress on spirtual rectification.

Qari-Ajmal-Khan - Biyaans are spirtual and heart warming. Qari Ajmal Khan is well-known Scholar around the world.

Maulana Abdul Aziz - is the super intendent of the renowened Jamia Hafsa Faridyah in Islamabad Pakistan. Talks are about the latest actions by the Pakistan Goverment in demolishing Islamic Universities and Masjids in Islamabad.

Maulana Abdul Rasheed Gazi - Last Talks with Media

Mufti Taqi Usmani - Brother of Mufti Rafe Usmani. Travels around the world giving talks about financial status in Islaam. How to earn Halal and its importance.

Maulana Ghulamullah Khan - Spirtaul talks about the importance of correcting our beliefs and not to set up false dieties alongside Allah (SWT).

Maulana Aslam Sheikhpuri - Very famous in Plakistan for his heart-turning biyaans and excellent Tafseer-Ul-Qur'an. Also has top Islamic website full of educative, spirtual and History of Al-Islaam. www.dars e quran.com.

Ulama From India Deoband Madressah - Aalims from India Deoband speaking on various topics.

Maulana Sajjid Nomani - son of Maulana Manzoor Nomani. Biyaans are educative and nice and clear to listen to.

Mufti Mahmood - Late Mufti Is the father of Pakistan top Aalim Maulana Falz-ur-Rehman. Mufti Mahmood was responsible for taking the Qadiyanni cult to court under Zulfiqaar Bhutto rule and declare them disbelievers. Because of that ruling today in Pakistan ordinary people who do not know nothing about Islaam still aknowledge that Qadiyaani cult are disbelievers and have nothing to do with Al-Islaam.

Sheikh-Ul-Islam - Syed Husain-Ahmed Madani - Words cannot describe this Aalims sacrifices he made during British rule in India. He taught Hadith for 18 years near the tomb of Prophet (SAAW) at Madinah Munawwarah. He was the man who used the hair of his beard to sweep the area around the Prophets (SAAW) tomb. He was the man who used to pick up the melon peels disposed off on the streets of Madinah, soak them in water and consume them and say: "This act is sufficent for my deliverance (from the fire of hell)" He was arrested with his ustad (teacher) Sheikhul-Hind for taking part in the "movement of the silk-shawls" As he was being led away from Prophets (SAAW) tomb he burst out crying and said: "May the scenery of your Rawdah (tomb) remain shining, may the gate of Rawdah remain safe. May we also be awarded the devotion of Abu Zarr and may we be bestowed with the spirit of Bilal (Rad)"

Mufti Mahmood Hassan Gangohi - Brothers! Some people are even critical of Maulana Rashid Ahmad mainly the Brewalvi sect (grave worshippers). What! The man who imparted the lessons of hadith for 40 years. The personality who disseminated the message of prophethood for 40 years! Whilst imparting a lesson of hadith one day in the court-yard it started to rain. As he continued teaching the students picked up their books and fled indoors. Maulana saab spread out his turban on the ground and began piling the students shoes onto it. When asked what he was doing he replied: "I am picking up your shoes becuase you came to learn hadith of Rasulullah (SAAW). I am not picking your shoes up, i am picking up the shoes of the guests of Rasulullah (SAAW)."

Mufti Shafi Usmani - Father of Mufti Taqi Usmani and Rafe Usmani. Taught at world famous Madressah (Islamic University) India Deoband where he was also born. Has written good books, recommended to be read and passed on to fellow Muslims.

Mufti Yusuf Kandhalvi - Father was founder of the Islahi Jamaat Late Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Saab. Famous book that is read all over the world and is inside nearly every Ahle-Sunnah-Wal-Jamaah Masjid "Hayyatus-Sahabah" Lives of the Sahabah's (Companions).

Maulana Inanmul Hasan Kandhalvi - After Mufti Yusuf Kandhalvi passed away Mufti Inanmul Hasan Kandhalvi took over as Amir of the Islahi (Reformation) Jamaat. Biyaans are spirtual and purpose is to whats heard you try to bring it slowly into your lifes.

Maulana Akram-Tofani - Biyaan is about what happened to people back in Prophet (SAAW) times who insulted him, his family or religion Al-Islaam. Towards the end he talks about when he attended the funeral of Ameer Cheema the student who studied in Germany. When a German reporter reprinted the evil cartoons referring to the Holy Prophet (SAAW) Ameer Cheema tried assualting the reporter. He was arrested and couple of days later "died" in custody. Maulana talks about the the grave of Ameer Cheema that he witnessed with his very own eyes performing a miracle.

Maulana Saeed Ahmded Khan - Late Aalim very close with Maulana Tariq Jameel Saab. In alot of biyaans/talks you will hear Maulana Tariq Jameel talking about the days he spent with Maulana Saeed Khan and what kind of person he was. Talks are about the imporatance of joining the effort of Dawah and Tableeq and reforming yourself according to the Sunnah of Prophet (SAAW) shown to us practically by his noble companions the Sahabah (May Allah be pleased with them All)

Maulana Shah Abrarul Haqq - Khalifah (Representative) of Internationally-known Late Maulana Ashraf-Ali-Tanvi

Maulana Bashir Ahmed Shaad - Biyaans are clear to listen to and are on various topics some biyaans Maulanan Saab says them in singing tone which really awakens the crowd and opens the listeners heart up towards Quran and Sunnah.

Qazi Mujahid ul Islam Qasmi - All biyaans are in solid urdu even though late Maulana Saab is Bengali.

Mufti Syed Wali Shah - Biyaans are in Pashto. Biyaans are all spirtual and purpose is to rectify the person lifes according to Quran and Sunnah. All Patan brothers and sisters must listen to these biyaans and pass on to their families and friends who have arrived new into forgein countries so they may continue to be practising Muslims.

Haji Abdul Wahab - Ameer (leader) of Islahi (Reformation) Jamaat in Pakistan. Very old but still gives inspiring life changing talks. It is a known fact that Hahi Saab covers his face with cloth and cleans Raiiwand toilets for the purpose of getting rid of pride fron his heart. Purpose of covering his face is that he is so old and respected that if people saw him doing this they would surly stop him. May Allah (SWT) protect and strengthen him.

Tongi-World-Ijtema 2007 - Huge gathering for the islahi (reformation) Jamaat brothers.

Malegaon-Ijtima-2007 - Another huge gathering for the islahi (reformation) Jamaat brothers.

Kohat 2007 Iijetmah - This Iijetmah is for the glad-tidings for the Muslim Ummah around the world of the great news of the completion of "Tafseer-Fathul-Jawad" in urdu. Very soon it will be printed also in English, Arabic and other langugages.

Muhmmed Yusuf Pakistan Cricket Player- Biyaan is about how Muhammad Yusuf formly known as Yusuf Yohannah became a Muslim becuase he was a Christian first. Inspiring talk. May Allah (SWT) strengthen Muhammad Yusuf's Imaan and also make his parents come into the fold of Al-Islaam.

Mufti Zain-ul-Abideen - Late Mufti was involved with the Islahi (Reformation) Jamaat. Travelled around the world giving life-changing talks especially South-Africa.

Maulana-Atiq ur-Rehman Sultani - Sabka-Ex-Ahle Hadith Leader - Now Hanfi- Deobandi

Maulana Ubaidullah Balyawi - Khalifah-Of- Mufti Zakkariyyah

Sheikh-Ul-Hadith Maulana Salimuddin Shamshi - Maulana's Biyaan's are spirtual and calm he his well-known in Pakistan.

Maulana Umar Palanapuri - Late Maulana was involved in the effort of Islahi (Reformation) Jamaat. Very popular amongst the brothers and sisters who are involved in this effort. Biyaans should be listened to becuase they just as good or better than Maulana Tariq Jameel's only becuase of his age and experience in this effort.

Maulana Maqbool Rehman - Single biyaan about the truth and myths about the killing of Hazrat Hussein (RAD) in Karbalah.

Maulana Anzar Shah Keshmiri - Spiritual biyaans for soul purification and importance of Sunnats in our lifes.

Mufti E Azam Maulana A. Rasheed - Mufti of Pakistan huge collection of biyaans. Topics range from "upbringing of children" to "who are the real peer's"

Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Nadim - Biyaans about the Prophets (SAAW) noble companions and their splendid sacrifices for Al-Islaam.

Maulana Ahmad Ludhyanwi - Single biyaan about the Hereafter. Maulana is in someway related to Late Mufti Yusuf Ludhyanwi.

Mufti Asmatullah - Single biyaan about the slaying of 3rd Khalifah Hazrat Uthman. Mufti's way of speech is similar to that of Allama Yahya Abassi.

Qazi Mazhar Hussain - Single biyaan about the imporatance of showing respect to the Prophets (SAAW) noble companions.

Allama Hafiz Manzoor Ahmad - Biyaans about purification of soul and striving for jannah.

Maulana Nazir Of Sargodha-Pakistan - Single biyaan about the imporatance of showing respect to the Prophets (SAAW) noble companions.

Maulana Zia-Rehman-Nasir - Single biyaan about the slaying of 3rd Khalifah Hazrat Uthman.

Maulana Ahmad Yahya Mohsin - Single biyaan in deep detail about the Seerah (History) of the final Messenger (SAAW).

Maulana Abdul Khaliq Rehmani - Talks about the status of The Noble Sahabah.

Maulana Ahmad Shoaib Khan - Single biyaan about who really are the true happy and content people of today's time. That peace of heart and mind is best wealth and Maulana Saab tells you how to achieve this.

Maulana Abdul Mateen - Excellent biyaan short one about the how Hazrat Usman (RAD) was related tothe Prophet (SAAW) and to Hazrat Ali (RAD).

Maulana Yusuf Motala - Khalifah (Representative) of Late Mufti Muhammad Zakarriyah Kandhalvi (Author of Fazail-e-Aamaal) teaches Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim Hadith to future Islamic Scholars at Darul-Uloom-Bury England. Has taught many top Scholars such as Maulana Ahmad Ali, Maulana Riyadh-Ul-Haq, Maulana Shoaib Desai, Maulana Muhammad Sindhi, Maulana Khalil Kazi and many more. Also travels around England giving spiritual talks to large gatherings of his admirers.

Maulana Ihtishamul Haq Thanwi - Spirtual biyaans nice and clear, easy to understand.

Mushtaq-Ahmad - Famous Pakistan Cricket Player, who has changed his life after spending time with the Islahi Jamaat.

Maulana Sadiq Kahoti - Ex-Ahle-Hadith, Salafi but found the truth and changed his ways and joined the right way the straight path which is Ahlus-Sunnah-Wal-Jamat, Hanafi,Deobandi. Talks why he changed and how to answear the "Ahle-Hadith, Salafi's" common questions they keep asking.

Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Ludyahnvi - Well-known Mufti in Pakistan selected topics for spirtual change.

Maulana Sayyid Atta-ullah-Shah-Bukhari - One of the best scholars and well-known Scholars of the 20th Centuary.

Maulana Syed Anzar Shah Qasmi - Aalim from Banglore. Many biyaans. Maulana Saab has been in many debates with Bralvis and Ahle-Hadith, Salafi Scholars which are available to hear. Also biyaans about "In Defense Of Fazail-e-Aamal" "In Defense Of Dawat Tableeq Jamaat" these biyaans are highly recommended.

Maulana Saad Kandhalvi - Related to Mufti Yusuf Kandhalvi (Reh Al). Gives biyaans all over the world and is involved with the islah (rectification) jamaat. Most of times travels to India, Bangladesh for their Ijtimahs (Spirtual gatherings)

Majlis-e-Ilmiya India (Teachers from Darul-Uloom Deoband) - Biyaans are about topic of 'Taqleed' from senior teachers from world's best Islamic University Darul-Uloom Deoband which is in India.

Maulana Ahmad - Senior teacher of Madressah in Pakistan. Single biyaan about Shaan of Prophet (SAAW) and also talks about '8 or 20 tarawee in Ramadhan' he has singing tone when conducting speech.

Maulana Rasheed Rabani - One of top Islamic Scholars in the UK. Has been leading Salah at his Masjid for over 30 years.

Maulana Qazi Shafeequr Rehman - Single biyaan but excellent biyaan about 'Ahle Hadith, Salafis, Gher-Muqalidin" conducting a fake debate between Ahle-Sunnah-Wal-Jamat Ulama-e-Deoband Scholars vs them.

Maulana Abu Muhammad - Clear talks exposing the Rafidites (Shiya) cult.

Maulana Abid Khan - Involved with Islahi Jamaat. Regularly gives talks at huge Ijtimahs at Raiwind, Nizamuddin. This biyaan is in Jeddah and aimed at women.

Raiwind Ijtema Novemebr 2007 - Huge gathering of Muslims who are involved with the Islahi (Reformation) jamat. Raiwand is in Lahore Pakistan.

Bhopal Ijtima India - November 2007 - Huge gathering of Muslims who are involved with the Islahi (Reformation) jamat.

Maulana Noorullah Rashidi - Biyaan 4 parter talking about the huge Modudui fitnah and exposing the evil shiya cult.

Maulana Munir Ahmed Munnawwar - Various topics about taqleed, and also exposing the 'Ahle Hadith, Gher Muqalidin, Salafis'.

Maulana Rab Nawaz Hanfi - Maulana Saab has dedicated his whole life in exposing Barelvi cult, going through their Bida'h actions and refuting them through Qura'n and Hadith.

Maulana Muneer - Pashto Bayaan

Maulana Riaz Anwar Gujarati -

Allama Kifayat Hussain Naqvi - Ex Shia Zakir

Allama Amir Ali Qumi - Ex Shia Ayatullah

Maulana Muhammad Amir Bijlighar - Pashto Bayaan

Maulana Abdul Kalim Siddiqi -

Maulana Allah Wasaya -

Maulana Muhammad Qasim Siddeqe -

Maulana Abdullah Abid -

Maulana Umer Gull -

Mufti Jamal Attiq (Son Of Mufti Attiq Ur Rehmaan) - Son of Late Mufti Attiq ur Rehman Shaheed. Mufti Jamal explains miracle he saw in his fathers grave.

Saikh Rahil [Ex Qadiani] - explains why he left the Qadiyani cult and came to Al-Islaam. Also explains how Qadiyannis are building hospitals and schools in poor African Countires and converting poor Africans to their cult.

Tongi Ijtimah Jan-2008 - Large gathering involving the islahi (Reforming) jamat (group) in Bangladesh, millions attend.

Maulana Abdul Karim Nadeem - Lal-Masjid-Biyaan, Maulana explains the last few days before the massacre how students had to fast and eat leaves as there was no food and water and eletricity was cut off by the Pakistani Army.

Maulana Fazal-Ul-Rehman-Darkhwasti - Biyaan about Khatme Nabuvwat.

Mutafariq - Mixed Biyaans

Maulana Saad Khandhalvi - Hayatus-Sahabah-Stories-Of-The-Companions

Saraimeer Ijtima-December 2007 - Islahi Jamat gathering, spirtual speech's.

Allama Masood-Ur-Rahman-Usmani - Various biyaans exposing the Shia cult and also shedding light upon the companions sacrifices.

Maulana Shah Nawaz Farooqi - excellent speech about the Prophet (SAAW) and his companions.

Maulana Syed-Ata-Ul-Momen-Bukhari - Son of Syed Atta Ullah Shah Bukhari

Maulana Saeed Yusuf -

Maulana Shafiqu-ur-Rehman -

Maulana Muawiyah Azam - Son Of Maulana Azam Tariq Shaheed -

Maulana Muawiyah Bukhari -

Raiwand Ijitemah 2008 -

2008 Toronto, Canada Ijtimah -

Qari Ahmad Ali Falahi -

Maulana Hasan Jan Shaheed -

Maulana Muhammad Farouq Sahib (Rahmatullahi alaihi) -

Hazrat Dr.Muhammad Sabir Saheb (Rahmatullahi alaihi) -

Hazrat Sheikh Asif Hussain Farooqui Deobandi -

Maulana Latifur-Rehman Saab -

Fatah ul Jawad Vol. 2 (Bahawalpur 2008) -

Sheikh Hafiz Huzayfah - Who-Were-The-Sahabah-And-Truth-About-The Shiya-Cult-(Masjid-e-Nabwi-Urdu)

Tongi Ijtimah January 2009 -

Maulana Rezwan -

Sheikh-Ul-Hadith Maulana Safraz Safdar Khan -

Maulana Abdul Hafeez Makki -

Maulana Abdus Salam -

Maulana Attaullah Bindialwi -

Maulana Khalil Ahmad Siraj -

Son Of Maulana Abdul Aziz - Hassan Shaheed Bayaan

Maulana Sultan Mahmood Zia -

Maulana Noor ul Hassan Anwar -

Sheikh-Ul-Hadith Maulana Safraz Safdar Khan -Tafseer-Ul-Quran

Qari Naveed Masood Hashmi -

Maulana Manzoor Ahmed Nomani - Tafseer-Ul-Qura'n (2008) -

Mufti Yusuf Ludyahnvi Shaheed - Dars-e-Hadith

Mufti Yusuf Ludyahnvi - Dars-e-Quran

Maulana Haroon Muawiyah -

Mufti Mahmud -

Maulana Syed Ziaullah Shah Bukhari -

Jamat Ud Dawa's Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed - first Exclusive Interview With Geo News

Maulana Sahizada Tariq Mehmood -

Maulana Ilyas Ghuman -

Mufti-e-Azam Pakistan Mufti Zarwali Khan Saab - Fatwa-e-Kufr-On-Barelvi's

Maulana Ahmad Shoaib Khan -

Nephew Of Allama Sher Ali Hyderie Shaheed -

Maulana Sher Ali Shah -

Doctor Khadim Hussain -

Maulana Allah Huda Yaar -

Tongi Ijtimah Janaury 2010 -

Maulana Ahmad Saeed Sadeeqi -

Hafiz Patel Saab -